Roses are red, and so are you cheeks: why you should lighten up your blush shade

The idea behind putting blusher on your cheeks is to give the impression of a healthy glow, if we just to apply foundation and translucent powder alone, it would give the impression that you are unwell so by adding the correct colour depending on your skin tone and age can really transform how you look and knock years off your appearance. pale skin tones are best using soft rose or soft plum colours for cheeks and lips, if you are an older lady using softer rose or plum colours with a slight shimmer is very flattering and gives a youthful appearance however, air of caution if it is too shimmery it will only enhance fine lines and wrinkles. Medium skin tones are best using apricot soft tones on the cheeks and muted orange/ reds on there lips  and For darker skin tones using richer deeper  pinks for the cheeks and red/brown colours for the lips will enhance your features.

Using a blusher brush that is too big will not give a flattering effect and cover areas where you do not want to cover which will change the shape of your face.

Your face shape plays a very important part when deciding where to apply your blusher and a lot of us feel it is an absolute nightmare knowing where to apply our blusher and how much with out looking like a clown, excuse the pun lol!! but lets face it we have all done it.

Hopefully this diagram below will help you to decide where to apply your blusher.

I really hope that you have found my blog helpful, I will do a blog on highlighters and shaders, most of all don't stress yourself, have fun experiment with your makeup, who knows; you might be quite surprised at what you can achieve !!! your face is a canvas and all we are  

trying to achieve is enhance our best features.

Thank you so much for reading my blog Love ya !! xx


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